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I'm a native Russian full-time freelance translator from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Having studied English throughout my life, I have extensive English knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biochemistry. Combining deep scientific insight and wide-ranging technical expertise enables me to translate the full range of technical and scientific materials from user manuals and marketing flyers to conference presentations and scientific papers. 

Fields of specialization
• Chemistry
• Medicine
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biochemistry
• Physics & Mathematics
• Computers (hardware and software)
• Tech/Engineering (general)
• Sports
• Automotive

Scientific background
2008-2013: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, Moscow, Russia
2013-2015: Ph.D. student, Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Specialization: Solid State Chemistry 
Professional publications: 1 patent, 6 articles in scientific journals, 9 theses from International and Russian conferences
2013-present: Full-time freelance translator

History of translation projects
I have worked on projects that include medical documents, records and patents, chemical articles and patents, biological and biochemical patents, technical manuals, marketing flyers, geological texts, certificates, diplomas, and legal documents. I have localized several websites and pieces of software including gaming websites, iOS applications, etc. To date, I have translated several million words.